A shocking and disturbing video surfaced online involving ASAP Bari. For those unfamiliar, Jabari Shelton aka ASAP Bari (bka Young Lord), is a founding member of A$AP Mob and creator of popular clothing brand VLONE. A video clip circulating allegedly captures Bari confronting a woman, berating and accusing her of sexual acts with an assistant.

Furthermore, Bari forces the unidentified woman out of the bed while naked and insists that she “go in the bathroom”. The alleged victim goes into tears and pleads for him to stop but he continues yelling obscenities at the woman, ordering her to “shut the fuck up, bitch”.

No comment on this incident has been made other than a now deleted tweet from ASAP Bari’s account claiming the video is “fake”. We will update as this story unravels. In the mean time, watch below.