We’re barely only a week into 2014 an DMX has already bestowed the funniest interview of the year. His appearances with The Breakfast Club were classic and this one ranks up there with them as Dark Man X talks with 359 Hip Hop while overseas in Bulgaria.

The sit down starts out with X saying how thankful he is about being able to continue to perform and people who are helping along the way. The interview takes a left turn when questioned about his run ins with the law and being jailed.

“After all the trouble with the law and arrests, how did this change you as an artist”?

It hasn’t changed me as an artist.

“When’s the new album dropping”?

I have no idea when the new album is dropping.

“You’re a free man, you’re traveling”

I been a free man. The last few times I got locked up, I got locked up for hours at a time. Driving without a license, who the FUCK gets locked up for driving without a license? ME! because I’m famous, that’s all. Police suck dick, that’s what the fuck they do. It is what it is.

I’m not a criminal, I’m not committing, yahmean, ya know, crimes and shit. I drive my fucking car, I have a car, I drive it. Oh, you want to pull me over and lock me up? Well do what you do homie but I’ll be right back out doing the same fucking thing I was doing 8 hours ago. So fuck you!

“How has the rap game changed the last 10 years?”

The quality of rap FUCKIN SUCKS right now. There are some nice rappers but for the most part, niggas suck. That’s what the fuck it is man. Take it how you want to fuckin take it. The camera man agrees with me! That’s what it is man, take it how you want to take it. WHAT?! BRING IT!

“Eminem released a track which is Rap God, is he the Rap God now?”

I don’t know what Eminem is. I know he’s a talented artist, we have a good relationship but don’t ask me no random shit to start some random beef.

“You’re a religious man, a spiritual man, we heard that you have a intentions to become a Priest?”

A Pastor. I won’t be fucking little boys, I will not be a Priest. I will be a Pastor, I’m already a Deacon, I will be a Pastor.