Worst behavior. Future and Drake are apparently at odds over remarks he made during a listening session at Billboard, in which the Atlanta rap singer was allegedly quoted as saying that “Drake has an album full of hits but it doesn’t grab you. It doesn’t make you feel the way I do”.

According to Page Six, as soon as Drizzy caught wind of it he demanded Future be booted off his tour which is set to kick off this Friday. If you check Ticketmaster, Future’s name is no longer listed along side Miguel for most dates with the exception of a few.

Initially after the decision was made to remove Future, Drake’s camp reached back out for him to be on board for a lower rate which Freebandz declined and have opted to take this matter to court citing a $1.5 million financial loss.

What does this mean for you as a fan? I happen to know exclusively from a source close to the singers camp that Jhene Aiko will be filling the open spot, which lowers the testosterone of the line up and makes sense considering her contributions to Nothing Was The Same.

Speaking of Jhene Aiko, her “Sail Out” EP which was originally scheduled for an October 29th release date is now delayed until November. Back to the situation at hand, what do you think? is Drake overreacting? Future was too #Honest? Let us know your thoughts