This is probably one of the bizarre stories I’ve ever had to report. It’s been confirmed to me by multiple sources, who were neighbors of the Outkast rappers family, that police and ambulances were up and down their street at the home where Sharon Benjamin Hodo, mother of Andre 3000 was a resident.

Details are sketchy right now but my sources say she was in her late 50’s, wife of a pastor and active member in the community. I’ve managed to dig up some pictures of her attending the NABFEME in 2007 and she even did an interview with Aubrey Addams regarding her son and his rise to fame and prominence in Hip-Hop. Keep in mind, 3 Stacks just celebrated a birthday this week, so this is a very sensitive situation that I’m doing my best not to give misinformation on.

I’ll be back to update with this as I get news. Please keep Andre 3000 and his family in your prayers.

UPDATE: My sources have indicated that Ms. Benjamin Hodo resided in Rex, Georgia. Cause of death still remains unknown at this time but she’s believed to have been found early this morning.

Will continue updating as I piece this heartbreaking story together.

UPDATE #2: The area of residence is confirmed to be in Rex, Georgia.

UPDATE #3: Gipp from Goodie Mob sends condolences.

UPDATE #4: Big Boi sends condolences to his partner in rhyme and brother.

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